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Coming Events

Symposium "From Cortical Microcircuits to Consciousness"

11 Apr 2022

Workshop on "Computational basis of intelligence and its social implications"

19 Apr 2022

Workshop on "Personalised brain models"

02 May 2022

WP1 Meeting

03 May 2022

Workshop on "Prefrontal Cortex in different species"

10 May 2022

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All year long, EITN hosts workshops for Computational Neuroscience researchers to meet and learn from each other. See the calendar to check for the next workshop, or access ressources from our past events.

Visitor program

In the framework of its visitor programe, EITN welcomes reserchers for stays up to three-months long. See the details on the visitor program page.

Spring & Fall Schools

Once a year, the institute organizes the EITN School in Computational Neuroscience, a 10-days intensive course targeted at Master students, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

Missed our last online workshop?

It's never too late! Watch the recorded presentations on our YouTube channel.

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