Thursday 4 June 2020
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Predictive coding, inference and unsupervised learning

From : Wednesday 16 January 2019 - 09:00

To     : Wednesday 16 January 2019 - 17:30

An overarching theoretical framework is emerging that describes the brain as a predictive machine, which acquires internal generative models (mostly, in unsupervised way) and uses them to continuously infer what is out there (perception) and what to do (action). However, the theory is incompletely specified and different researchers have different intuitions about it. Furthermore, the ways the brain might implement predictive processing and inference remains poorly understood. This workshop brings together modelers and neuroscientists to develop a research agenda within HBP to study the mechanisms of predictive coding, inference and unsupervised learning (PRECISE brains). The 2-day workshop focuses on two main questions, of "formalizing precise brains" (day 1) and "testing precise brains empirically" (day 2).

Organised: Giovanni Pezzulo (CNR), Cyriel Pennartz (University of Amsterdam), Lars Muckli (University of Glasgow) and Christopher Summerfield (University of Oxford)

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