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EITN Workshop: Multisite recordings and distributed representations in the macaque brain

From : Wednesday 10 March 2021 - 09:00

To     : Wednesday 10 March 2021 - 18:00

Organizers: Fred Chavane, Alain Destexhe, Viktor Jirsa


In coordination with the « GDR Biosimia » a federative group on NHP research in France


Abstract: Multisite recordings have progressed tremendously in the last years, following the availability of new recording techniques, microelectrode arrays, high-density microprobes, new dyes for imaging, etc. Such techniques provide invaluable data on the “mesoscale”, spanning typically over one or two brain areas. In parallel, progress have been made in the computational description of mesoscale activity using population models, going from brain regions up to the whole brain. The goal of this workshop is to put together experimentalists and theoreticians working at the mesoscale level of large networks in the macaque brain, and evaluate which new tools (such as TVB or EBRAINS) would be needed to facilitate this interaction.


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Confirmed speakers

Céline Amiez (ISC)
Guillaume Auzias (INT, CNRS & Aix Marseille Université)
Thomas Brochier (INT, CNRS & Aix Marseille Université)
Frédéric Chavane (INT, CNRS & Aix Marseille Université)
Marc Deffains (IMN Bordeaux)
Bruno Delord (ISIR)
Michael Denker (Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Alain Destexhe (NeuroPSI, CNRS)
Matteo Di Volo (CY Cergy Paris Université)
Stefano Ferraina (Sapienza Università di Roma)
Jennifer Goldman (NeuroPSI, CNRS)
Nicho Hatsopoulos (The University of Chicago)
Viktor Jirsa (INS, CNRS & Aix Marseille Université)
Arthur Leblois (IMN Bordeaux)
Randy McIntosh (University of Toronto)
Fanis Panagiotaropoulos (NeuroSPIN, CEA)
Manu Procyk (SBRI)
Pieter Roelfsema (University of Amsterdam)
Kelly Shen (University of Toronto)


Preliminary program (titles might be subject to change)

9h-9h30 Frédéric Chavane
Alain Destexhe
Mesoscopic recordings and models to unveil spatio-temporal dynamics in visual cortex
9h30-10h Céline Amiez
Guillaume Auzias
Charaterizing folding patterns variations within and across primate species
10h-10h30 Bruno Delord
Emmanuel Procyk
Inhibitory control of frontal metastability and the temporal signature of primate cognition
11h-11h30 Arthur Leblois
Marc Deffains
The central role of the STN in the propagation of parkinsonism-related beta oscillations in NHPs: experiments and theory
11h30-12h Thomas Brochier
Michael Denker
Behavioral modulation of spatially organized LFP activity
12h-12h30 Discussion (animated by the GDR Biosimia members)
13h30-13h50 Pieter Roelfsema Tracing the fate of stimuli that do and do not make it into consciousness
13h50-14h10 Theofanis Panagiotaropoulos Multielectrode recordings in the macaque prefrontal cortex for studying consciousness and predictive coding
14h10-14h30 Viktor Jirsa Introduction to The Virtual Brain
14h30-14h50 Jennifer Goldman Whole-brain models of asynchronous and slow-wave activity in human and macaque brain
14h50-15h Discussion  
15h30-15h50 Stefano Ferraina Neuronal population dynamics during motor plan cancellation
15h50-16h10 Randy McIntosh
Kelly Shen
Large-scale dynamic models using The Virtual Macaque Brain
16h10-16h30 Matteo Di Volo Mesoscopic model of oscillations
16h30-16h50 Nicholas Hatsopoulos Propagating Motor Cortical Dynamics Associated with Movement Initiation
16h50-18h General discussion (and next steps)


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