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Workshop on "Energy and entropy measures in neural systems"

From : Wednesday 05 May 2021 - 13:00

To     : Thursday 06 May 2021 - 18:30


Join us for this workshop on "Energy and entropy measures in neural systems", on May 5th and 6th 2021 in the afternoon (CET). Register online here: (Registration is free but mandatory.)


"Energy and entropy concepts to characterize and understand brain activity"
Organizers: Alain Destexhe, Jennifer Goldman, Mavi Sanchez-Vives, Pier Stanislao Paolucci, Chiara DeLuca, Cristiano Capone, Trang-Anh Nghiem


Abstract: Brain circuits in vivo or in vitro display a wide variety of activity states, and they may also respond to external inputs differently in each state.  The goal of this workshop is to evaluate and compare tools to understand both the activity state, and its responsiveness, based on energy and entropy concepts commonly used in physics. We will review different ways of defining relevant measures of energy and entropy, and how they apply to analyze brain activity, including brain states and cognitive tasks, and what useful information can be extracted to better understand the system.  We will also evaluate the opportunity of writing a collaborative paper that reviews the different techniques and their usefulness.


List of confirmed speakers:

Pierre Baudot (U Marseille)
Alessandra Camassa (U Barcelona) 
Cristiano Capone (INFN, Rome) 
Chiara Cirelli (U Wisconsin) 
Chiara de Luca (INFN, Rome) 
Athena Demertzi (Universite de Liege)
Alain Destexhe (CNRS) 
Adrienne Fairhall  (U Washington) 
Karl Friston  (UCL) 
Jennifer Goldman (CNRS) 
Viktor Jirsa (AMU) 
Daniele Marinazzo (Ghent U) 
Olivier Marre (INSERM) 
Maurizio Mattia (ISN Roma) 
Thierry Mora (ENS)
Trang-Anh Nghiem (ENS) 
Pier-Stanislao Paolucci (U Roma) 
Antonio Pazienti (ISN Roma)   
Mavi Sanchez-Vives (U Barcelona) 
Simone Sarasso (U Milan) 
Elad Schneidman (Weizmann Inst)


Updated program:

Day 1 - May 5

Session 1: Theoretical aspects of energy and entropy I
13h: general intro (Alain) and tribute to Paolo Del Giudice
13h15-13h40: Alain Destexhe (CNRS, Paris-Saclay U): "Energy and Entropy-based methods to characterize brain states"
13h40-14h05: Chiara de Luca (INFN, Rome): "Deep-Sleep Memory Density-based-clustering: Theoretical Framework and Energetic/Entropic Effects on Awake Activity"
14h05-14h30: Thierry Mora (ENS, Paris): "Sensory adaptation and entropy production"
14h30-14h40: general discussion

14h40-15h - coffee break

Session 2: Applications to neural data I
15h-15h25: Simone Sarasso (U Milan): "Assessing brain states through complexity: converging empirical evidence"
15h25-15h50: Athena Demetrzi (U Liege): "Cerebral configuration in states of reduced reportability"
15h50-16h15: Mavi Sanchez-Vives (IDIBAPS, Barcelona): "Cellular and synaptic contributions to cortical complexity in different brain states"
16h15-16h40: Chiara Cirelli (U Wisconsin): "Sleep and synaptic down-selection"
16h40-16h50: general discussion

16h50-17h10 - coffee break

Session 3: Theoretical aspects of energy and entropy II
17h10-17h35: Daniele Marinazzo (Ghent U): "Beyond pairwise interactions: expanding the transfer entropy and the mutual information"
17h35-18h: Trang-Anh Nghiem (ENS, Paris): "Unveiling the correlation structure supporting brain states and neural codes with maximum entropy models"
18h-18h25: Jennifer Goldman (CNRS, Paris-Saclay U): "A scale-integrated approach to brain states; from single neuron biophysics to macroscopic neural dynamics"
18h30-18h40: general discussion

DAY 2 - May 6

Session 4: Theoretical aspects of energy and entropy III
13h-13h25: Elad Schneidman (Weizmann Inst): "Learning the code of large neural populations by sparse nonlinear random projections"
13h25-13h50: Pierre Baudot (AMU Marseille): "Topological information and higher order statistical structures: mathematical foundations of information and deep learning"
13h50-14h15: Maurizio Mattia & Antonio Pazienti (ISN Roma): "Insights in the transition from slow-wave activity to wakefulness using an entropy-based index"      
14h15-14h25: general discussion

14h25-14h45 - coffee break

Session 5: Applications to neural data II
14h45-15h10: Olivier Marre (INSERM, Paris): "Maximum entropy models in the retina"     
15h10-15h35: Cristiano Capone (INFN, Rome): "Simulations approaching data: Cortical slow waves in inferred models of the whole hemisphere of mouse"
15h35-16h: Alessandra Camassa (IDIBAPS, Barcelona): "Energy-based hierarchical clustering of cortical slow waves in multi electrode recordings"
16h-16h10: general discussion

16h10-16h30 - coffee break

Session 6: Theoretical aspects of energy and entropy IV
16h30-16h55: Karl Friston  (UCL, London): "Deep inference"      
16h55-17h20: Adrienne Fairhall  (U Washington)  
17h20-17h45: Viktor Jirsa (AMU, Marseille): "Entropy, symmetry & dynamics"

17h45-18h30: general discussion and next steps


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