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Workshop on "Computational Neuroscience in EBRAINS"

From : Thursday 10 June 2021 - 13:00

To     : Thursday 10 June 2021 - 19:00


Workshop on "Computational Neuroscience in EBRAINS".


Organized by Andrew Davison (CNRS), Viktor Jirsa (AMU) and Alain
Destexhe (CNRS)

Description of the workshop:

EBRAINS is a open-access platform built by the Human Brain Project and which provides tools for various applications in neuroscience. The aim of this workshop is to introduce some of the EBRAINS tools that are of particular interest for applications in computational neuroscience.  These tools provide help to simulate models, from the cellular to the whole-brain level.  Each tool will be introduced, then a "live demo" will be provided to demonstrate its use.

As a companion to this workshop, we plan to provide recordings of each session on a YouTube channel, as well as scripts that were used in for the live demos.

List of speakers:

Egidio d'Angelo (Pavia)
Claudia Casellato (Pavia)
Florent Bonnier (CNRS)
Petrut Bogdan (U Manchester)
Andrew Davison (CNRS)
Alain Destexhe (CNRS)
Timo Dickscheid (Jülich)
Jan Fousek (AMU)
Alice Geminiani (Pavia)
Jennifer Goldman (CNRS)
Brent Huisman (Jülich)
Viktor Jirsa (AMU)
Carmen Lupascu (CNR)
Armando Romani (BBP/EPFL)
Michael Schirner (Charité)
Sam Yates (CSCS)


13h-13h10: Welcome and introduction
(Andrew Davison, Alain Destexhe, Viktor Jirsa)

13h10-14h30: Detailed cellular-level simulations (NEURON, Arbor)
(Chair: Egidio d'Angelo)

            13h10-13h50: Introduction to Arbor and live demo
            Brent Huisman (Jülich) and Sam Yates (CSCS)

            13h50-14h30: Brain Simulation Platform and live demo
            Armando Romani (BBP/EPFL) and Carmen Lupascu (CNR)

14h30-14h40: break

14h40-16h: Spiking network-level simulations (NEST, SpiNNaker)
  (Chair: Andrew Davison)

            14h40-15h20: Brain Computational Modelling in EBRAINS: The cerebellum usecase
            Egidio d'Angelo, Claudia Casellato and Alice Geminiani (Pavia)

            15h20-16h: Simulating cerebellum models with NEST and SpiNNaker, with live demo
            Petrut Bogdan (U Manchester) and Florent Bonnier (CNRS)

16h-16h10: break

16h10-17h30: Whole brain simulations (TVB)
  (Chair: Alain Destexhe)

            16h10-16h50:  The Virtual Brain simulator and live demo
            Jan Fousek (AMU) 

            16h50-17h30: Use case development of brain state dependent processing in The Virtual Brain and live demo
            Jennifer Goldman (CNRS)

17h30-17h40: break

17h40-19h: Human brain atlas
  (Chair: Viktor Jirsa)

            17h40-18h20: Organisation of the human brain atlas and live demo
            Timo Dickscheid (Jülich)

            18h20-19h00: Workflows peripheral to the human brain atlas and live demo
            Michael Schirner (Charité)
19h-19h20: Concluding statements (all)


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