Thursday 30 March 2017
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Event modalities

HBP members can organize workshops or conferences at the EITN, and the Institute will provide the conference room, projection and visio-conference facilities for free (pending availability). Occasionally, the EITN can help the organization of conferences outside of the Institute, but these conferences must be part of the Theoretical Neuroscience program of HBP.

External members, not partners to HBP, can also request to organize a conference at the EITN. In this case, they should contact the Director (see contact address below) to determine if the workshop can be of interest to HBP and its members, in which case the conference facilities will be provided for free.

The program of conferences at the EITN will follow the scientific program of the Theoretical Neuroscience division of HBP.

EITN supports reducing gender disparity in Theoretical Neuroscience. You can contribute by inviting women speakers to your event.


The events calendar can be found in the calendar section.

The conferences and their program are posted on the EITN web site, as well as the terms and conditions of participation.

In general, the conferences and workshops are open to anyone, but they are not public.

The access to the EITN is restricted, and the conferences attendees should register prior to the event to obtain access.