Thursday 30 March 2017
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Event Records

December 11-12
Dentritic computations workshop.
Organized by Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC EITN) and Idan Segev (Hebrew U).
December 8-9
INCF workshop on code generation from model description languages.
Organized by Andrew Davison (CNRS UNIC) and Mathew Abrams (INCF Sweden) in collaboration with the EITN.
December 2 :
Neuromathematics Seminar : Simple cells receptive fields and orientation preference maps : A Lie group approach for the analysis of fundamental morphologies of V1
By Davide Barbieri (Mathematics Department, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
November 27-28
HBP workshop on stochastic neural computation.
Organized by Wolfgang Maass (TUGRAZ) and Karlheinz Meier (U Heidelberg) in collaboration with the EITN.
October 8 - 9
Missing interactions terms in spike-based computation.
A HBP Brainscales meeting organized by Gustavo Deco (UPF), Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC EITN), Olivier Faugeras (INRIA) and Anders Lansner (KTH).
June 17
First French Neuroinformatics workshop.
Organized by Andrew Davison (CNRS UNIC) in collaboration with the EITN.
June 11-12
First Theory Cognitive workshop.
A SP3-SP4 meeting organized by Stanislas Dehaene (Collège de France) and Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC EITN).
June 3
Keeping the beat: Homeostatic frequency control in coupled oscillators.
A seminar by Bard Ermentrout (University of Pittsburgh, USA) organized by the EITN.
December 15
Biochemical reactions involved in micro-algae phototaxis
A theoretical Neuroscience seminar presented by David Colliaux (ISIR).
December 10-11
SP4 Workshop « Neuron-Glia Interactions »
Organized by Marja-Leena Linne (Tampere University of Technology) and Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC).
December 01
Neuromathematics seminar : Efficiency turns the table on neural encoding, decoding and noise
By Sophie Deneve (Laboratoire de Neurosciences cognitives, ENS)
November 24
Catherine Villard (IPGG) "Neurosciences on a chip: how to specify axons, connect neurons, and beyond".
November 19-20
Organized by Bartosz Telenczuk (CNRS UNIC)
November 10
Encoding of olfactory memory trances in the piriform cortex 
A Theoretical Neuroscience seminar presented by Claire Meissner-Bernard (Collège de France)
November 03
Neuromathematics seminar : Cohomology for adaptation
by Daniel Bennequin (Institut Mathématique de Jussieu & Université Paris 7)
October 29
Organized by Gaute T. Einevoll (UMB) & Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC)
September 10-11
July 15
The role of threshold calcium channels in the relay of visual information in thalamus.
A seminar by Diego Contreras (Pennsylvania University, US) organized by the EITN.
June 16
Neuromathematics Seminar : Dynamical texture synthesis to probe visual perception
By Gabriel Peyré (CNRS & CEREMADE, Université Paris-Dauphine)
June 2-4
Learning and synaptic plasticity workshop
Organized by Wulfram Gerstner (EPFL) and Walter Senn (U Bern) in collaboration with the EITN.
May 29
Predictive computations in the primary visual cortex.
A seminar by Michael Berry (Princeton University, USA) organized by Olivier Marre (UPMC IDV) in collaboration with the EITN.
May 21-22
Theory and data for advancing future neuroscience and the Human Brain Project.
An expert seminar organized by The Danish Board of Technology Foundation, the High Performance Computing Group and the Researcher Awareness Group in collaboration with the EITN.
May 5
Neuromathematics Seminar : Orientation maps in the primary visual cortex, gaussian random fields and group representations.
By Alexandre Afgoustidis ( Institut Mathématique de Jussieu & Université Paris 7)
April 2-3
Theory-neuromorphic workshop.
A HBP SP4-SP9 meeting organized by Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC EITN) and Karlheinz Meier (U Heidelberg).
March 31
Neuromathematics Seminar : On some aspects of synchronization and spontaneous activity in neuronal
By Khashayar Pakdaman (Institut Jacques Monod, Groupe biologie computationnelle et biomathématiques)
March 12-13
Power laws and scale invariance in neural systems.
Organized by Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC EITN) and Gaute Einevoll (UMB).
March 2-4
"Are we building the right thing?" - Requirements from theory for simulation environments and neuromorphic computing.
First community workshop HBP network simulator organized by A. Morrison, J. Eppler and M. Diesmann (Jülich), D. Lester (U Manchester), J. Muller (EPFL) and A. Davison (CNRS UNIC) in collaboration with the EITN.
February 3
Neurmathematics Seminar : Traveling pulses in neural field equations
By Gregory Faye (ERC ReaDi, CAMS – EHESS)
January 14-15
Confronting mean-field theories to measurements: A perspective from neuroscience.
A Brainscales workshop organized by Bruno Cessac and Olivier Faugeras (INRIA).
November 28-29
Organizers : Idan Segev (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Huib Mansvelder (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Christof Koch (Allen Institute), Alain Destexhe (UNIC EITN, CNRS)
November 8
Neuromathematics seminar : Romain Brette from Institut De la Vision presents :
“Neural geometry and excitability”
October 6-7
HBP Partnering Project internal event
September 26
June 13-14
Modeling,Visuo-Motor Integration - CDP4 kickoff meeting
May 19-20
Organizers : Yves Frégnac, Olivier Marre, Cyril Monier, Alain Destexhe, and Antoine Chaillet
May 12-13
SP4-SP9 workshop on Multiple scales, Plasticity and Learning in Neuromorphic System (CDP5 “Functional plasticity for learning in large-scale systems” kick-off meeting)
May 3
A normative account of the sense of confidence during probabilistic learning
by Florent Meyniel (Neurospin, CEA)
April 5
Neuromathematics seminar : Bertrand Thirion (INRIA Saclay-Ile-de-France) presents:
“Seeing it all: Convolutional network layers map the function of the human visual system”.
March 24
Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar: Valentina Gliozzi from Torino University presents
"Self-Organizing Maps: an Artificial Neural Network Model for Infant Categorisation and Early Word Learning".
March 22
Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar: Sergiy Korogod from the National Academy of Science of Ukraine presents:
"Structure-related intrinsic electrical states and firing patterns of neurons with active dendrites"
March 15-16
Organizers : Idan Segev (HUJI) and Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC EITN).
March 10-11
March 1
Neuromathematics Seminar : Laurent Perrinet (Institut de Neuroscience de la Timone) presents "Towards understanding the inferential processes underlying the representation of trajectories in the primary visual cortex".
February 16
Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar: Georges Debregeas (UPMC) "A visually-entrained central pattern generator driving spontaneous eyes saccades".
February 10- 11
Co-organized by Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC), Olivier Faugeras (INRIA), Marc de Kamps (ULeeds), Viktor Jirsa (AMU) and Gustavo Deco (UPF).
February 3
SP4 annual internal Meeting
February 2
Neuromathematics Seminar : The pinwheel-dipole structure of orientation and spatial frequency, and their common organizing principles
By Jonathan Touboul (Collège de France & INRIA)
February 1
Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar: Liudmyla Kushnir (Columbia University NYC) presents "Neural classifiers with limited connectivity and local recurrent readouts".
January 19-20
Organizers: Olivier Marre (IDV), Shimon Ullman (Weizmann Institute), Yves Frégnac (CNRS UNIC) and Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC EITN).
January 14
Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar: Alberto Romagnoni (CNRS UNIC) presents “Pinwheel-Dipole structures in V1: Exhaustivity, parsimony and balanced detection”.
March 7
Neuromathematics seminar : Boris Gutkin from ENS Paris presents "Dynamics of dopamine neuron firing in normal and drug-modulated conditions".
March 9-10
Organized by Kathinka Evers (Uppsala University), Cyriel Pennartz (University of Amsterdam), Johan F. Storm (University of Oslo) & Alain Destexhe (UNIC EITN CNRS)
March 7
Neuromathematics seminar : Catherine Tallon-Baudry from ENS Paris presents "Visceral inputs, brain dynamics & subjectivity".
February 24
Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar: Morgan taylor presents “Inhibition and visual receptive field structure"
January 11-12
SP4 annual internal Meeting
HBP internal event
January 10
Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar: Núria Tort-Colet from Systems Neuroscience group (IDIBAPS)
January 03
Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar: Yashar Ahmadian from University of Oregon presents “Loosely balanced cortical dynamics : from contextual modulations to variability suppression”.