The visitor program

The EITN welcomes visitors for periods of time from one to several weeks. This program is open to researchers from HBP or researchers outside HBP. It is open to theoreticians interested to interact with HBP theory researchers, or to experimentalists. The EITN is surrounded by experimental labs in the Neuro-PSI institute, and we encourage visiting researchers to interact with the experimentalists of Neuro-PSI. Similarly, experimentalist visitors are encouraged to interact with the theoreticians present at the EITN. The goal is to contribute to the HBP research themes, or to EBRAINS, through collaborative work and common publications. For HBP researchers the visitor program is a good way to create new collaborations within the project. The EITN will provide office space for visitors, and help with the travel and accommodation expenses of external visitors who are staying full time.


  • Length of the stay :

Visitors can stay to periods from one week to three months. The length of the stay will be determined with the director of the institute.

  • Agreement :

Visitors should work at the institute during the period covered by their visit. If a visitor wants to spend a significant fraction of time in another institution, an agreement between the EITN and this other institution must be made prior to the visit. It is expected that in this case, the financial help of the visit will be proportional to the time spent at the EITN.

  • Financial help :

The EITN can provide financial help towards travel and lodging expenses, at the visitor’s request. However, it must be understood that this help cannot cover the totality of the visitor’s stay. The amount of the financial help will generally be proportional to the time spent at the EITN, as well as to the importance of the contribution to HBP and/or EBRAINS. The EITN cannot cover for HBP members since they already have a travel budget.

How to apply ?

Visitors should apply to the EITN, and send a short project to explain why their visit is profitable to the HBP. The director, Alain Destexhe, will review applications, possibly asking help to competent EITN Faculty members. One of the main criteria is that the visitor must interact with the HBP and that this interaction is of scientific benefit to all parties. 


If you are interesting to be a visitor at the EITN or you have any questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..