An opportunity to meet and interact with researchers in your field.

The EITN co-organizes international workshops in Paris, open to everyone, in multiple subjects involving theoretical neuroscience. This field is closely related to experimental neuroscience, physics, mathematics, information technologies and other fields such as arts or neurophilosophy.

On the one hand, these meetings are an excellent opportunity to bring together researchers from different fields such as modelers, neuroscientists, theoreticians and experimentalists.

On the other hand, the combination of scientific talks and the amount of time dedicated to questions allow to create interactions, in particular, between theory and experiments, and between theory, ethics and neuro-philosophy. Thanks to the small-attendence format involving from 30 to 50 participants, in-depth discussions and exchanges of ideas are facilitated between participants.

Each workshop has a unique objective. It can be seen as a means for:

  • Gaining a deeper insight in a theme,
  • Bringing together complementary views,
  • Contrasting topics in a specific field,
  • Reviewing the different approaches in a theme,
  • Identifying novel cross-cutting areas of interest in different domains.

Some of the ideas emerged during the workshop can inspire future research, as well as novel collaborations between participants.


  • Workshop “Alpha Scales” on December 6th, 2018:
    Two hypotheses were confronted, one considers the alpha as an "idle" rhythm, while the other one proposes that the alpha rhythm is actively involved in information processing. These two different views were discussed during two days and new experiments were suggested.


How to access an event ?

The conferences and their program are posted on the EITN website, as well as the terms and conditions of participation. We limit the attendence of workshops to 30-50 people, but occasionally can organize larger conferences.

In general, the conferences and workshops are open to anyone, in the limit of the maximal size of the conference.

Registration is mandatory in any case.



How to organize an event with the EITN ?

The workshop organization is open to HBP and non-HBP members.

HBP members can organize workshops or conferences with the EITN, and the institute will provide the conference room, projection and visio-conference facilities (pending availability). Usually the price for renting a conference room is covered by registration fees, or by the organizers if they can find support.

Non-HBP members can also co-organize a workshop at the EITN. They should contact the Director (see contact address below) to determine if the workshop can be of interest to HBP and its members, in which case the same help as for HBP members will be provided.

Gender balance

EITN supports reducing gender disparity in Theoretical Neuroscience.


Alain Destexhe, Director of the EITN
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