Perception and attention mechanisms in the primate brain: An integrated, multi-component perspective

November 26, 2019

Organized by Lars Muckli (Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, University of Glasgow), Elisa Santandrea (University of Verona) and Alain Destexhe (CNRS)

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  Leonardo Chelazzi (Dept. Neuroscience - University of Verona) - Compiling attentional priority from multiple sources of control: Goal, salience, reward, and prediction

  Emiliano Macaluso (Lyon Neuroscience Research Center) - Contribution of endogenous and stimulus-driven signaling to visuo-spatial orienting: fMRI in humans

  Einat Rashal (Ghent University – Dept. of Experimental Psychology) - Markers of attentional selection in the human EGG


Roles and Mechanisms of Cortico-cortical Feedback

November 6-7, 2019

Organized by Alain Destexhe (CNRS) and Timo van Kerkoerle (NeuroSpin)

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Ad Aertsen (Neurobiology and Biophysics, Faculty of Biology and Bernstein Center Freiburg University of Freiburg, Germany) - Mechanisms underlying the generation of spatiotemporal sequences in spiking neuronal networks

 Grace Lindsay (University College London) - Understanding the feedback needed for top-down attention

Lars Muckli (Research Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, University of Glasgow) - Feedback of predictions in different layers of visual cortex

Pieter R. Roelfsema (Dept. Vision & Cognition, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience) - Feedforward and feedback processing during figure-ground perception

Sacha van Albada (Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, Jülich Research Centre) - How the connectivity of macaque vision-related cortex shapes its resting-state dynamics


Network science for cortical circuits: specificity versus regularity

December 4-5, 2019

Organized by Alain Destexhe (CNRS) and Idan Segev (HUJI)

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  Rodrigo Perin (Laboratory of Neural Microcircuity – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) - From microcircuit constraints to network structure

  Kathryn Hess (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) - Topological insights into cortical microcircuits


Workshop on Neural coding in high dimensional, nonlinear systems

December 3rd-4th, 2020

Organized by Jennifer S. Goldman (CNRS), Trang-Anh E. Nghiem (École normale supérieure de Paris), Alain Destexhe (CNRS) and Wolf Singer (Ernst Strüngmann Institute, Max Planck Society) with the support of the Paris IAS.

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Workshop on Synaptic plasticity

January 14-15, 2020

Organized by André Grüning (HOST), Wulfram Gerstner (EPFL), Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski (KTH) and Marja-Leena Linne (TUT)

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  Jesper Sjostrom (McGill) - Unconventional NMDA receptor signalling at neocortical synapses

Taro Toyoizumi (Riken, Center for Brain Science) - Exploring the learning principle in the brain


Workshop on Modeling brain signals

January 9-10, 2020

Organized by Alain Destexhe (CNRS), Gaute Einevoll (NMBU) and Viktor Jirsa (AMU)

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Alain Destexhe (CNRS) - Do local field potentials and the EEG primarily reflect inhibitory processes?

Gaute Einevoll (NMBU - University of Olso) - Why model brain signals?

  Ness Torbjørn (NMBU - University of Olso) - LFPy


Workshop on "Towards multipurpose neural network models II: Model testing and model fitting"

May 5th-6th, 2021

Organized by Anton Arkhipov (Allen Institute, Seattle), Gaute Einevoll (NMBU/University of Oslo).

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Workshop on Computational Neuroscience in EBRAINS

May 5th-6th, 2021

Organized by Andrew Davison (CNRS), Viktor Jirsa (AMU) and Alain Destexhe (CNRS).

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Workshop on Energy and entropy measures in neural systems

May 5th-6th, 2021

Organized by Alain Destexhe, Jennifer Goldman, Mavi Sanchez-Vives, Pier Stanislao Paolucci, Chiara DeLuca, Cristiano Capone, Trang-Anh Nghiem.

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Workshop on Multisite recordings and distributed representations in the macaque brain

March 10th, 2021

Organized by Alain Destexhe (CNRS), Frédéric Chavane (Aix-Marseille Université) and Viktor Jirsa (Aix-Marseille Université).

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Workshop on Whole-brain simulations of the monkey brain

February 4th, 2021

Organized by Alain Destexhe (CNRS), Frédéric Chavane (Aix-Marseille Université) and Viktor Jirsa (Aix-Marseille Université).

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