Thursday 30 March 2017
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Scientific Themes of the EITN

The different scientific themes investigated at the EITN, as well as the different HBP researchers involved, are described below.

Examples of such research themes are:

  • Bridging scales (Alain Destexhe, Gaute Einevoll, Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, Idan Segev): Derive simplified neuron and neural circuit models from biophysically morphologically detailed models; Modeling brain signals at different scales, from intracellular, local field potentials, VSD up to EEG and MEG signals;
  • Synaptic plasticity, learning and memory (Wulfram Gerstner, Walter Senn, Misha Tsodyks): Derive learning rules from biophysical synapse models; Unsupervised learning rules and emergent connectivity;
  • Large-scale and cognitive models (Neil Burgess, Gustavo Deco, Alain Destexhe, Markus Diesmann, Olivier Faugeras, Misha Tsodyks): Models for perception-action; Models for working memory; Models of biologically realistic network states, wakefulness and sleep;
  • Principles of brain computation (Alain Destexhe, Wolfgang Maass, Ben Schrauwen): Principles of computation in single neurons and neural microcircuits; Novel computing systems inspired by biology.

Each of these themes are the basis of the events organized at the EITN during the year. External visitors whose expertise is related to these themes are encouraged to apply to the visitor program and participate to workshops.