Saturday 30 May 2020
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Details of the visitor program

The EITN would be pleased to welcome you for a long stay visitor.          

Visitors should apply to the EITN, and send a short project to explain why their visit is profitable to the HBP. The scientists in charge of the HBP SP4 will review applications. One of the main criterions is that the visitor must interact with the HBP and that this interaction is of scientific benefit to all parties.      

Visitors can stay to periods from one week to 3 months. The length of the stay will be determined as a function of the mutual benefits of the visit to the candidates and to the HBP.    

The EITN will provide financial help towards travel and lodging expenses, but it must be understood that this help cannot cover the totality of their stay. The amount of the financial help will generally be proportional to the time spent at the EITN.

Visitors should work at the EITN during the period covered by their visit. If a visitor wants to spend a significant fraction of time in another institution, an agreement between the EITN and this other institution must be made prior to the visit. It is expected that in this case, the financial help of the visit will be shared between the EITN and the other institution, at a prorata coherent with the amount of time spent in both places.    

After the visit, we ask the visitors to write a short report (about 1 page max) to explain how the visit was profitable to their research, and in which way they have interacted with the HBP.